Process Improvement

Exceptional collection results are tied to having the right processes in place. From intake to claim payment, processes must work like clockwork. Internal and external communication, data collection, schedules for billing, cash posting and month end close are all key to running a successful billing office.

With 30 years healthcare billing experience, we have mastered a series of tools and techniques to assure that office workflow results in the collection results every provider needs. You can choose a one-time evaluation or ongoing reviews to ensure your agency runs smoothly and effectively.

Process Improvement services include:

  • Evaluating current intake and billing procedures
  • Recommending processes that can help your business run more smoothly and effectively
  • Training staff with simple and effective techniques which will make their jobs easier while they achieve better results. Understanding is the first step to a motivated, satisfied and results-oriented employee.
  • Providing tracking forms and techniques so that claims are not overlooked
  • Creating a schedule for tasks that are performed daily, weekly and monthly for better time management and increased cash-flow

We helped a skilled nursing facility increase patient referrals by 60% which subsequently increased occupancy to 98.7%.  We automated processes which increased telephone response time by 50% while helping staff collect, input and distribute information more efficiently.

Small process changes can yield big results.

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